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Training Resources Guide

A list of training resources offered by WDS Members, as well as a list of identified resources from other organizations, that are acknowledged to be useful. These lists are not complete, but rather it is a 'living' document, and hence will continue to be revised and improved upon over time.

Training Resources Guide -

ECR Training Workshop

On 6–8 November 2019 at Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris, France, the World Data System of the International Science Council (WDS) held a Research Data Management (RDM) Training Workshop for 23 early career researchers and scientists (ECRs) from 14 different countries. The participants were invited to attend by the WDS Scientific Committee after selection from greater than 100 applicants. This Workshop was possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and hosted by DataTerra-Formater.

ECR Training Workshop -