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WDS Candidate Membership


WDS Candidate Members are organizations who wish to become Regular Members, but who currently do not have all processes and documentation in place to undergo CoreTrustSeal certification. They might be newer data services, or simply be in a position where they require some external guidance on best practices to implement in order to enhance their maturity.

By becoming a Candidate Member, an organization can use the WDS Membership Management Tool to build-up over time their responses to the Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements. As they do this, they can pose questions to the WDS International Programme Office as needed, or submit their responses for assessment by a member of the WDS Scientific Committee or the representative of a WDS Member. In this way, they can gain advice and feedback on how to develop their systems.

WDS may furthermore pair a Candidate Member with a WDS Regular Member 'buddy' or 'mentor' from a similar domain. The mentoring WDS Regular Member then acts as a point of reference to which the Candidate Member can submit technical/expert queries, and may also work more directly with them if appropriate.

Candidate membership is a sign of commitment that an organization will become a certified CoreTrustSeal Trustworthy Data Repository and an accredited WDS Regular Member. They immediately are part of the WDS community, and can join in WDS conversations and collaborate with WDS 'communities of excellence'. In this regard, there is a strong expectation placed upon Candidate Members to continue to move along a path towards certification and accreditation.

Apply for WDS Candidate Membership

Please complete an Expression of Interest for WDS Regular membership, stating in your message to the WDS Scientific Committee that your organization wishes to be considered as a WDS Candidate Member.