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The World Data System (WDS) is striving to build worldwide ‘communities of excellence’ for scientific data services by certifying Member Organizations—holders and providers of data, data products or services—from wide-ranging fields by using internationally recognized standards. WDS Regular and Network Members are the building blocks of a searchable common infrastructure, from which a data system that is both interoperable and distributed can be formed. 

Certification of WDS Members

As part their accreditation by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC), WDS Regular and Network Members must fulfil the WDS membership requirements (see WDS Bylaws) and undergo a transparent and objective certification procedure to ensure their trustworthiness in terms of authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and services. Such certification is vitally important because it promotes trust and confidence in the usability and persistence of shared data resources. It also helps data services improve their practices and procedures.

To be accredited as a WDS Regular Member, a candidate organization is certified against the CoreTrustSeal Data Repositories Requirements developed jointly with the Data Seal of Approval and managed by the CoreTrustSeal Standards and Certification Board:

To be accredited as a WDS Network Member, a candidate organization is certified against the Network Member Catalogue of Criteria developed and managed by the WDS-SC:

WDS is structured as a federated system integrating organizations with different scopes and that often take on multiple roles. Hence, the WDS-SC accounts for the context of a candidate organization, its mission, priorities, and stated commitments in applying the evaluation criteria. Furthermore, certification should not be seen as a one-step procedure in which a candidate organization either succeeds or fails. It is instead an iterative process whereby the WDS-SC provides feedback to candidate organizations, leading to stepwise improvements and reflecting the overall development and maturity of WDS as a whole.

Expert Reviews

Reviews of candidate WDS Members' applications are a vital part of the WDS accreditation procedure, since they help the WDS-SC come to an informed opinion on whether the evaluation criteria have been met. Such reviews were initially performed by members of the WDS-SC only. However, external experts from within WDS Regular and Network Members have been called upon when necessary.

A more systematic community approach was supported by Member Representatives at the 2016 WDS Members’ Forum whereby new and reaccredited Members agree to conduct up to two reviewers per year. In particular, WDS Regular Members certified as CoreTrustSeal Trustworthy Data Repositories are invited to nominate expert reviewers for the CoreTrustSeal Assembly of Reviewers.

If you represent a data service or a data network organization wishing to be recognized as a Trustworthy Data Repository or Trustworthy Data Network please apply for WDS membership here.