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WDS Members' Reports / Posters

A general requirement for WDS Regular and Network Members is that they are continuously evaluated by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC). WDS Member Representatives at the 2014 WDS Members' Forum supported the WDS-SC's decision that all Regular and Network Members produce a concise, public Report of their activities following a template. The responses of the Reports would be examined by the WDS-SC to understand the interactions of each Member Organization with WDS and scientific community at large.

Member Representatives were originally requested to submit their Activity Report on a biennial basis, alongside each WDS Members’ Forum. However, at the 2016 WDS Members' Forum, it was decided that Activity Reports would coincide with the reaccreditation of an Organization's WDS membership every three years, and would be linked to their Member Profile.

The table below thus contain links to the Biennial Reports submitted for the period 2013–2014, and thereafter to the Poster Presentations displayed at each WDS Members' Forum. 

YearsBiennial Reports / Posters
2013–2014 All Members / Regular Members / Network Members
2015–2016  All Members / Regular Members / Network Members / 
Partner Members/Associate Members/Applicants