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WDC - Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development

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World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development (hereinafter, the WDC-Ukraine) has been working in Ukraine since 2006 as a full-member of the World Data System (WDS) of the International Council for Science (ICSU). WDC-Ukraine specializes on providing interdisciplinary research of complex systems of different nature. The WDC-Ukraine activities are focused on arrangements for access of Ukrainian scientific community to global information resources of the ICSU in Earth Sciences, Planetary and Space Physics and relevant related disciplines, as well as the collection and storage of global and regional data with significant value for research in the field of Sustainable Development and managerial decision-making. WDC-Ukraine activities include decision making support for long-term issues of society development in terms of its sustainability; informational support for estimations of sustainable development perspectives and implementation of sustainable development concept in higher education, business and politics. WDC-Ukraine works on the “network of networks” model and negotiates with a lot of research and scientific organizations in Ukraine and abroad. According to this model, each research area is supervised by one or several scientific organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. WDC-Ukraine provides all main phases of data management (collection, quality assurance, storage, processing, sharing, reporting and long-term stewardship) for scientific data of various nature and supports Ukrainian scientists for access to global informational resources of ICSU, develops and implements mathematical methods for assessment and decision-making in complex systems and does its best for providing data and instruments for scientific, business and governmental purposes. One of the main areas of WDC-Ukraine's activities is the development of models, methods and tools for the status evaluation and behavior modelling of complex systems of different nature in order to optimize their functioning, provide the decision-making process, and so on.

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Organization Name WDC - Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development
Membership Type Regular Member
Member Since 13 Dec 2011
Organization Website
Host Organization Name National Technical University of Ukraine
Representative Name Kostiantyn Yefremov
Address 37 Peremohy Ave., Kyiv 03056
Network Affiliation N/A

Updated:28 Jan 2020