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Ukrainian Geospatial Data Center

The department specializes on developing complex distributed systems for satellite data processing. The main task given to the department is development, validation and implementation of different satellite data processing methods in the form of information services and certain systems Areas of Scientific interest: Machine learning techniques to deal with Big data problems; validation of land cover maps; intelligent computing using neural networks; mathematical modelling of complex processes and systems; intelligent multi-agent security systems; satellite data processing; distance learning technologies; strategic planning.

Member Profile

Organization Name Ukrainian Geospatial Data Center
Membership Type Regular Member
Member Since 26 Nov 2012
Organization Website
Host Organization Name Space Research Institute of Ukraine
Representative Name Nataliia Kussul
Address Space Research Institute (SRI), Glushkov Ave 40, Building 4/1, 03680, Kiev 187
Network Affiliation UN-SPIDER, CEOS, GEO

Updated:02 Mar 2018