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WDC – RSER Transfers Data Holdings to WDC – Meterology, Obninsk

The All-Russia Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information – World Data Centre (RIHMI-WDC) has announced to the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) that it has discontinued the existence of WDC – Rockets, Satellites and Earth Rotation (WDC – RSER) since the topics are no longer its priorities. However, the WDS-SC is extremely pleased to learn that the data holdings of WDC – RSER will now become a section of the collection of WDC – Meteorology, Obninsk (WDS Regular Member).

One of the tenets on which the ICSU World Data System is built, is that WDS Members should find a mechanism to transfer their data activities if they can no longer continue their commitment to long-term data stewardship. Therefore, it is excellent from a WDS-perspective that although a WDS Member has regretfully been shut down, its data have been moved to another host and will continue to be openly accessible. The WDS-SC believes that this is a good lesson for others and hopes that all scientific data services—both WDS Members and beyond—will look to do likewise if faced with a similar situation in the future.