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April 2014

10th Meeting of the WDS Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of the ICSU World Data System (the WDS-SC) convened for its 10th biannual Meeting on 31 March–02 April at the International Council for Science (ICSU) Secretariat in Paris, France. A report summarizing the outcomes of the Meeting will follow, and will be placed on the WDS website (and highlighted in the next WDS Newsletter).

During the meeting, the WDS-SC continued to hone the WDS' Strategic and Implementation Plans, with a view to formally publishing these documents. In addition, the WDS-SC spent a significant portion of the meeting re-examining the 'full and open access' concept in light of ICSU-WDS continuing to broaden its scientific coverage across diverse new domains. The outcomes of that deliberation were considered positive and will result in an update of the WDS Data Policy in the future.

The SC would like to thank Dieter Van Uytvanck (CLARIN-ERIC; WDS Network Member) and George Alter (ICPSR; WDS Regular Member) for their enlightening input into the discussions on full and open access.

SciDataCon 2014: Call for Abstracts and Online Registration

SciDataCon 2014We are pleased to announce the opening of the online registration for SciDataCon 2014, which can be accessed through the Conference website. A first call has also been released for submission of abstracts for papers and sessions under the general Conference theme of Data Sharing and Integration for Global Sustainability and related subthemes. The deadline for submissions is 25 May 2014.

To find out more about registration and abstract submission, please visit the following pages on the SciDataCon 2014 website:
Consult the website also for details of the International Scientific Programme Committee and the Local Organizing Committee

ICSU's Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) and World Data System (WDS) are collaborating to organize a joint conference, SciDataCon 2014 on 2–5 November 2014 in New Delhi, India. Highlighting the theme of 'Data Sharing and Integration for Global Sustainability', this will be a major international conference addressing various issues relating to data and international research.

WDS Endorses Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles

On 26 February 2014, the ICSU World Data System officially endorsed the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles released by the Data Citation Synthesis Group. Moreover, we would like to encourage the WDS community to do likewise through the following URL:

This set of guiding principles urges data are given the same importance as other research outputs when it comes to citation and the enduring scholarly record, and outlines good practices for doing so. Its development is the result of considerable collaborative effort by a number of groups, including those involving members of the WDS Scientific Committee and representatives of WDS Members.

WDS Member Activities

ISRIC World Soil Museum
ISRIC World Soil Museum opens to the public
ISRIC World Soil Information (WDS Regular Member)opened its new Museum with an official ceremony and symposium on 7 April 2014. Located at Wageningen University Campus in the Netherlands, visitors to the museum can learn about the important role of soils, as well as the enormous variation in their types.

You can find out more about the Museum here.

ICPSR Summer Courses
The Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR; WDS Regular Member) is offering the below week-long courses as part of its Summer Programme. Focussed on data curation and data services, full descriptions and information on enrolling can be found through the provided links.

Kim Finney Leaves WDS-SC

Kim FinneyWe regret to announce the resignation of Kim Finney from the WDS Scientific Committee. Kim also left her post as Manager of the Australian Antarctic Data Centre (WDS Regular Member) at the end of March 2014 to start her own consultancy business, and wishes to devote her efforts towards this new venture. The ICSU Executive Board will now appoint a replacement for Kim based on nominations from the WDS-SC.

On behalf of the WDS Scientific Committee and the International Programme Office, we would like to thank Kim wholeheartedly for the time and energy she has dedicated to ICSU-WDS—especially for the peerless work she put into realizing the International Polar Data Forum—and we wish Kim success in all of her future endeavours.

New Members of ICSU-WDS

Since the last Newsletter in February, the WDS-SC has reviewed and accredited
Two Regular Members:
In the addition, One Partner Member:
and Three Associate Members were co-opted:

Future Events

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2014
27 Apr–02 May 2014, Vienna, Austria
Wim Hugo (WDS-SC) will represent ICSU-WDS at the 2014 EGU General Assembly. During this meeting, ICSU-WDS will co-convene the session ESSI2.9: International cross-project collaboration and interoperability of data management systems, which is targeted to all geoscientists and computer and information scientists who want to present their expertise and experiences in cross-project collaboration activities; especially those related to the design of technical solutions for the achievement of interoperability between different data management systems. Questions to be addressed include harvesting of metadata and data, combining of data catalogues and repositories, merging of underlying data models and used vocabularies, mutual use of Web-based application services, and general enhancement of data integration related to small and big data.

Japan Geosciences Union (JpGU) Meeting 2014
28 Apr–02 May 2014, Yokohama, Japan
Rorie Edmunds (WDS Programme Officer) will represent ICSU-WDS at the annual meeting of the JpGU, and will give a presentation on recent WDS activities.

Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Conference 2014/Future Earth Data Workshop/Big Data Workshop
07–09 June 2014, Beijing, China
The IRDR Programme, in partnership with the China Association for Science and Technology, will host the 2nd IRDR Conference, under the theme 'Integrated Disaster Risk Science: A Tool for Sustainability' on 07–09 June 2014 at the Beijing International Convention Centre in Beijing, China. The Conference will place emphasis on the importance of science as a tool to address hazard risks and issues of sustainable development. Co-located with the IRDR Conference, ICSU's World Data System and Committee on Data for Science and Technology will be co-sponsoring two data events. On 07 June 2014, a Future Earth Data Workshop will be held to coincide with the Future Earth Scientific and Engagement Committee Meetings that will also take place in Beijing.On 08–09 June, a workshop on Big Data for International Scientific Programmes: Challenges and Opportunities is designed to provide a better understanding of ‘Big Data’ means for major collaborative scientific projects.

Past Events

9th International Digital Curation Conference
24–27 February 2014, San Francisco, USA
A full-day workshop entitled Research Data Publication in Principle and Practice was held at the 9th International Digital Curation Conference on 24 February. This workshop included breakouts sessions focussing on the four WDS Data Publishing Working Groups on Workflows,Bibliometrics, Cost Recovery for Data Centres, and Services. Copies of the presentations given at the workshop can be downloaded from the Digital Curation Centre website, here (Workshop 2).

Research Data Alliance Third Plenary Meeting
26–28 March 2014, Dublin, Ireland
ICSU-WDS had a good presence at the RDA Third Plenary, with approximately half of the WDS-SC, the WDS Executive Director, as well as a strong representation of WDS Members in attendance. The breakout sessions with WDS involvement were very well attended, with over 25% of Plenary participants joining the breakout for the RDA–WDS Data Publishing Working Groups. As a result, there were good discussions in all of the WDS sessions, enabling positive liaisons with the wider community such that people were encompassed: European Commission officials, researchers, data services, publishers, librarians, and funders. These stakeholders were particularly interested in the deliverables of the Data Seal of Approval – WDS Certification Working Group. A number of highly influential attendees were also present the 'Birds of a Feather' session for the nascent RDA–WDS Working Group on a Global Registry of Trusted Digital Services.