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WDS Tackles IPY Data Challenges

WDS Tackles IPY Data Challenges

ICSU-WDS participated in several of the data-related activities organized at the International Polar Year (IPY) 2012 Conference: From Knowledge to Action (22–27 April 2012; Montreal, Canada):

  • Tuesday, 24 April—Accessing, Sharing and Preserving Data as a Legacy of IPY (Session 2.5.4): A presentation titled The ICSU World Data System Tackles IPY Data Challenges was given by Takashi Watanabe (WDS Scientific Committee)
  • Thursday, 26 April—Action forum: The Momentum series: Data Management.
  • Friday, 27 April—Workshop to begin to design an Arctic Data Coordination Network.

ICSU-WDS is committed to attempting to improve the IPY data legacy. Currently, 12 WDS Members hold substantial IPY data, and we are still working on recruiting new Members who hold IPY data
. ICSU-WDS is also striving to facilitate the discovery, and improve the availability, of IPY data through several actions:

  • Development of an IPY bibliographic search to compile references to IPY datasets, as well as ascertain the prospects of their long-term curation.
  • Joining the IPYDIS follow-on activity—the Polar Information Commons (PIC)—as a participating member in collaboration with CODATA.
  • Pursuing targeted invitations to to join ICSU-WDS sent to 80 recognized IPY data holders.

WDS Members serving IPY data

  1. Australian Antarctic Data Centre (Australian Government, Antarctic Division)
  2. DKRZ- WDC - Climate (Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology / German Climate Computing Centre)
  3. Flanders Marine Institute, Data Centre (Flanders Marine Institute)
  4. PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (University Bremen)
  5. WDC - Meteorology in Asheville (National Climatic Data Center, NOAA)
  6. WDC - Meteorology; WDC - Oceanography; and WDC - Rockets, Satellites and Earth Rotation in Obninsk (All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information)
  7. WDC - Oceanography in Silver Spring (National Oceanographic Data Center, NOAA)
  8. WDC - Solar Terrestrial Physics in Moscow (Geophysical Center, RAS)
  9. WDC - Solid Earth Physics in Moscow (Geophysical Center, RAS)
  10. World Glacier Monitoring Service (University of Zurich)