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WDS Strategic Plan 2014–2018 Published

WDS Strategic Plan 2014–2018 Published

We are pleased to announce publication of the recently completed WDS Strategic Plan 2014–2018. This document, produced in consultation with WDS Members, outlines five major targets seen by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) as important for ICSU-WDS to achieve the objectives defined in its Constitution

Operating in unison with the five-year Strategic Plan is a two-year Implementation Plan for the period 2014–2015, which lists explicit activities towards realizing the identified targets. Unlike the more static Strategic Plan, the Implementation Plan is an evolving document that will monitor progress of the proposed activities, and is thus an online resource that can be revised by the WDS-SC and commented on by the WDS community.

The WDS Strategic Plan 2014–2018 and the WDS Implementation Plan 2014–2015 can both be accessed through the following page on the WDS website: