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WDS-ITO is Seeking a Data Integration Specialist (1-year Term)

WDS-ITO is Seeking a Data Integration Specialist (1-year Term)

The WDS International Technical Office (WDS-ITO) at Ocean Networks Canada (ONC; WDS Regular Member) is seeking a one-year term of a Data Integration Specialist that will engage with WDS Members and other partners as the data management community works to make high-quality data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). This position will be responsible for a research and reconnaissance programme that examines data discovery and integration into common virtual research environments (VREs), and provide technical guidance, advice, and support for developing integrated scientific platforms. The candidate is expected to have a working knowledge of data services, APIs, software development, and some experience with a VRE or gateway platform.

Further details on the position and instructions for applying can be found on the ONC website:

Note: The deadline for applications will close on 23 March 2021.