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WDS Endorses the TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories

WDS Endorses the TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories

The World Data System of the International Science Council has endorsed 'The TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories', following their publication in Nature Research’s Scientific Data on 14 May 2020 (Vol. 7, Article 144, These principles offer guidance for maintaining the trustworthiness of digital repositories; especially, those responsible for the stewardship of research data. Guidance for each of the TRUST Principles is give in the below table.

The TRUST Principles

PrincipleGuidance for Repositories
Transparency To be transparent about specific repository services and data holdings that are verifiable by publicly accessible evidence.
Responsibility To be responsible for ensuring the authenticity and integrity of data holdings and for the reliability and persistence of its service.
User Focus To ensure that the data management norms and expectations of target user communities are met.
Sustainability To sustain services and preserve data holdings for the long-term.
Technology To provide infrastructure and capabilities to support secure, persistent, and reliable services.

Source: Lin et al., 2020. The TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories. Scientific Data

The concept of the TRUST Principles was initially developed by members of the Board of the CoreTrustSeal certification. A first draft of a white paper outlining the Principles was then introduced, to increase authorship across diverse disciplines and gain broad community feedback and consesus, via the RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories Interest Group at the Research Data Alliance's (RDA's; WDS Associate Member) 13th Plenary Meeting in April 2019. From these early discussions, the issues were collaboratively explored, and the white paper futher refined, leading to the publishing of the comment paper on the TRUST Principles in Scientific Data.

In addition to WDS, the following organizations committed to the stewardship of digital resources have already endorsed the TRUST Principles. Other organizations, and particularly those within the WDS community, are also encouraged to endorse the TRUST Principle via enquiries[at]rd-alliance[dot]org

Initial Organizations Endorsing the TRUST Principles