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WDS at the 31st General Assembly of ICSU

WDS at the 31st General Assembly of ICSU

Prof Bernard Minster (Chair of the WDS Scientific Committee) and Dr Mustapha Mokrane (Executive Director of the WDS International Programme Office [WDS-IPO]) officially represented the World Data System at the 31st General Assembly of the International Council for Science (ICSU GA) held on 30 August–4 September in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Professor Minster presented to the ICSU GA plenary the triennial WDS report, which was well received. The Assembly resolved that WDS should continue its mission, and thanked Japan for hosting and funding the IPO.

One of the highlights of this meeting was the endorsement of a set of open access principles. This is of utmost interest to WDS, since it will facilitate the process of redefining and revising the WDS Data Policy, and clarifying the legitimate restrictions to open access.

Several other meetings were directly related to the open access issue, particularly in the context of scientific research data. At the ICSU National Members' and International Scientific Unions' fora, Dr Mokrane expressed the views of WDS on the subject of open access and on endorsing the principles to which WDS Members have contributed. In addition, an Open Data for Open Science event was organized by the UK Royal Society and the Committee on Data for Science and Technology, and featured a keynote from Prof Geoffrey Boulton who coordinated the influential UK Royal Society Science as an Open Enterprise report.