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Sandy Harrison Steps Down from WDS-SC

Sandy Harrison Steps Down from WDS-SC

Sandy Harrison announced in November 2019 that owing to increased responsibility within projects she is involved, she was no longer able to serve as Chair of the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) 2018–2021. With the appointment of three new SC members, we would like to inform the WDS community that Sandy has now stepped down from WDS-SC completely with immediate effect.

Sandy was a part of the Scientific Committee 2012–2015, joining WDS from May 2014, and was then Chair of the Scientific Committee 2015–2018. The WDS-SC, and the WDS International Programme and Technology Offices, would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandy for her dedication to WDS over the past six years. Sandy has contributed greatly towards the continued success of the World Data System, and we know her future endeavours will benefit hugely from her leadership.

Alex de Sherbinin who became interim Chair of WDS-SC in Sandy's stead has now been appointed full Chair until 30 June 2021. Elaine Faustman replaces Alex as a Vice Chair of the WDS-SC.

The full list of WDS-SC members is given on the Scientific Committee webpage.