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Linhuan Wu Wins 2017 WDS Data Stewardship Award

Linhuan Wu Wins 2017 WDS Data Stewardship Award

Congratulations to Dr Linhuan Wu, who has been chosen by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) as the 2017 winner of the WDS Data Stewardship Award. Dr Wu will be presented with the 2017 Award and a prize at International Data Week 2018. On being informed of her win, Dr Wu said, 'I fully understand that the WDS Data Stewardship Award has an excellent reputation and always has high selection criteria, and so it is my great honour to receive the Award for 2017. Thank you to the WDS-SC and also to Dr Juncai Ma for his nomination.'

Dr Wu is a principal data scientist working at the WFCC World Data Centre for Microorganisms (WDS Regular Member), and is team leader of the Global Catalogue of Microorganisms. Among her achievements, Dr Wu has designed and established an international data standard system for microbial resources information management and data sharing that is currently being developed to become the first ISO standard project in the field of microbial resources.