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Launch of ISC Awards Programme & Call for Nominations

Launch of ISC Awards Programme & Call for Nominations

The President of the International Science Council (ISC), Professor Daya Reddy, has announced the launch of a new ISC Awards Programme. The Programme recognizes individuals, groups, and initiatives launched by the ISC and its members that serve to advance science as a global public good.

The Award categories are as follows:

  1. Science for Sustainability Award (one award)
  2. Science for Policy (one award)
  3. Policy for Science (one award)
  4. Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (one award)
  5. Early Career Scientist Award (six awards from each of the geographic regions of (i) Africa, (ii) Asia, (iii) Australia and Oceania, (iv) Europe, (v) North America, and (vi) South America and the Caribbean)


Nominations for the ISC Awards Programme 2021 may be submitted until 1 February 2021 via this online form. Details of the nomination and selection process can be found here. Please address any questions regarding the Awards Programme to Anne Thieme at Anne[dot]Thieme[at]council[dot]science.

For more information, please also visit the ISC website.