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Launch of a New Scientific Report on Hazards Definition for the Sendai Framework

Launch of a New Scientific Report on Hazards Definition for the Sendai Framework

Hazards Defined and Classified to Strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction

Our world is faced by a broad range of complex hazards, whether they are due to natural or environmental phenomena, human interventions, or societal challenges. However, the lack of common definitions for such hazards can hamper effective monitoring of disaster risk reduction efforts.

Recognizing this challenge, International Science Council (ISC) partnered with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) in 2019 to launch an ambitious science project, the Sendai Hazard Definition and Classification Review project, to identify the full scope of all hazards relevant to the Sendai Framework and the scientific definitions of these hazards. It is now complete with a technical report launched on 29 July 2020.

Supported by the Integrated Research for Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme of the ISC, a dedicated technical working group which brought together scientists, technical UN agencies, and other experts from the private sector and civil society has developed a detailed report including six targeted recommendations to take this initial work forward and strengthen the capacity to understand and reduce risk. The process has enabled a wide conversation between disciplines and across many organizations and provides an initial input into a longer-term process of standardizing hazard information, and engaging with a wide range of users within and beyond the traditional field of disaster risk.

Launch of a scientific report on hazards definitions