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ICSU and ISSC Members Vote to Create New Merged Organization: The 'International Science Council'

ICSU and ISSC Members Vote to Create New Merged Organization: The 'International Science Council'

World’s leading bodies of Social and Natural Sciences agree to merge in 2018, becoming the International Science Council to serve as the global voice for science.

At a historic joint meeting in Taipei, members of world's two leading international science councils voted today to merge, launching a process that will see the formation of a single global entity—the International Science Council—that unites the scientific community under the vision 'to advance all sciences as a global public good'.

Members of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC) voted overwhelmingly to form a new organization that provides a strong foundation for advancing science across the disciplinary spectrum and in all parts of the world, and promoting its vital role in shaping humanity’s future on planet Earth.

The organization will be launched at a founding General Assembly to be held in 2018 in Paris, France. Its mission will be to serve as the global voice of science, providing leadership in catalyzing, incubating, and coordinating international action on issues of major public concern. To mark the occasion, the Council will inaugurate a new interdisciplinary international science summit, which will be a flagship event.

Alberto Martinelli, President of ISSC, said: 'This vote comes at a crucial moment for science. Now more than ever before, a powerful and credible voice is needed to advocate the value and values of all science to society. The challenge of living sustainably and equitably in a rapidly changing world means that the need for scientific understanding has never been greater. The unified science council will champion all the sciences and their role in responding to today’s global challenges.'

Gordon McBean, President of ICSU, said: 'ICSU has been a pioneer in the 20th century for interdisciplinary science programmes and policy impact. I am immensely proud that our members have voted to endorse this historic merger, which carves out a new space for our proud historic legacy: to be the global voice of all sciences in a digitally connected world.'

  • The full statement from ICSU and ISSC can be found here.
  • Further background information on the merger is available on a dedicated Gitbook page and on the ICSU and ISSC websites.