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Join Us at the International Symposium: Global Collaboration on Data Beyond Disciplines

For information on the 2020 WDS Members' Forum, please see the WDS Events page


Registration is open for this online symposium commemorating the 10-year hosting of the WDS-IPO by the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). [Please note: the Call for Abstracts is closed, the final version of Extended Abstracts, should be emailed to dsws2020.admn[at] by 31 August 2020.]

The World Data System – International Programme Office (WDS-IPO) was first established by NICT in April 2011 and was formally inaugurated by in May 2012. To celebrate and recognize the landmark of the WDS-IPO's 10th Anniversary will take place at the start of the symposium on 23 September 2020.

The goal of the symposium is to build consensus on various aspects of research data management by all stakeholders in alignment with Open Research policies and initiatives. It will explore new paths for activities significant in promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research and data reuse under different scientific disciplines based on evidence and feedback from data communities.

Attendance is free, however prior registration by this Symposium Google form is required by 23 September 2020*. An offline form is also available in Excel format. Please email it to dsws2020[dot]admn[at]gmail[dot]com by 23 September.

* Please be sure to fully complete the registration process, you will be emailed a Zoom link for the session if your submission is successful.

WDS-led Sessions

We encourage the WDS community to attend the following sessions (co-)led by the World Data System.

WDS Members' Forum 2020

This session is an interim, online version of the biennial WDS Members’ Forum (also known as ‘Data Repositories Day’). It is open to both WDS Members and general participants having an interest in the endeavours of WDS. The session will include report-backs from the WDS membership on topics of interest and importance to the data repository community, as well as consultation with the community on issues of relevance to data repositories.

See here for more information.

ORCID–WDS Strategic Workshop: Adoption of PIDs in Asia–Oceania

This jointly hosted session by ORCID and WDS will introduce to the Asia–Oceania community Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) from both global and national perspectives, and their importance as a part of global open research infrastructure. It will also (1) raise awareness about PIDs and their use across different scientific disciplines; (2) explore practical use cases of PIDs by national data systems and data repositories, especially within the Asia–Oceania context; and (3) showcase PID standards/best practices, as well as identify the resulting opportunities and benefits.

See here for more information.

Forum of Early Career Data Scientists in the Asia & Oceania Area

A forum for young-generation data scientists in the Asia–Oceania region to identify current problems and future plans. This session will be led by the WDS Early Career Researchers and Scientists (WDS-ECR) Network.