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First CoreTrustSeal-certified WDS Regular Members in Biomedical Field!

First CoreTrustSeal-certified WDS Regular Members in Biomedical Field!

We are very pleased to announce that ImmPort Repository and the Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB) have become the first WDS Regular Members to be certified under the new CoreTrustSeal core certification standard. Moreover, they are the first two WDS Members in the area of biomedical data, thus helping the ICSU World Data System to advance its truly multidisciplinary mission.

Although a large number of renewing and candidate WDS Regular Members are in the certification process—and so the number of CoreTrustSeal-certified, WDS-accredited organizations is set to grow considerably in the coming months—ImmPort Repository and wwPDB are the first to be able to display both the CoreTrustSeal and WDS logos, and hence show that they are not only a Trustworthy Data Repository at the core level, but also committed to ensuring that scientific data are a global public good both now and for future generations.

The Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements that form the basis of the CoreTrustSeal Certification for Data Repositories were officially adopted by the ICSU World Data System and Data Seal of Approval (DSA) at the end of 2016. Since then, it has been necessary for candidate organizations applying for accreditation as a WDS Regular Member, as well as Members renewing their accreditations, to firstly become certified by the CoreTrustSeal (initially WDS–DSA) Standards and Certifications Board.

We would like to congratulate ImmPort Repository and wwPDB for attaining the CoreTrustSeal for Data Repositories and welcome them to the WDS family!