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Ethan Welty Wins 2020 WDS Data Stewardship Award

Ethan Welty Wins 2020 WDS Data Stewardship Award

Congratulations to Dr Ethan Welty, who has been chosen by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) as the 2020 winner of the WDS Data Stewardship Award. Dr Welty will be presented with the 2020 Award and a prize at International Data Week 2021 alongside 2019 winner Libby Liggins.

Ethan Welty is a glaciologist specializing in the analysis of glacier time-lapse photographs, and a scientific data and software consultant for organizations such as the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WDS Regular Member). He contributed to the development of the Glacier Thickness Database (GlaThiDa) V3, which is the third release of the first database centralizing measurements of glacier ice thickness across the globe.

Dr Welty was selected from a very large number of high-quality candidates, and in this regard, the WDS-SC would also like to recognize the strong nominations of Dr Phond Phunchongharn and Dr Lianchong Zhang, chosen in second and third place, respectively.

Second Place 

Phond PhunchongharnPhond Phunchongharn is a computer engineering researcher and a lecturer of the Computer Engineering department at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand. She is a leader of KMUTT team in collaborating with the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Her research field relates to machine learning, deep learning, and resource allocation.

 Third Place

Lianchong ZhangLianchong Zhang is a scientist in the National Earth Observation Data Center (NODA). As a key leader, his team has developed the operating system of ChinaGEOSS Data Sharing Network, and maintained the data curation and data services in NODA. Lianchong is one of the co-chairs of the WDS Early Career Researchers and Scientists Network, and is the Network's incumbent representative on the WDS-SC. His research interests include data integration, data standardization, data mining and knowledge discovery.