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Data Together: Fostering Cooperation Among Open Science Platforms

Data Together: Fostering Cooperation Among Open Science Platforms

Collectively referred to as Data Together, the World Data System of the International Science Council (ISC) together with ISC's Committee on Data (CODATA), GO FAIR, and the Research Data Alliance (RDA)—the four major international data organizations—have a joint commitment (published in March 2020) to work together to optimize the global research data ecosystem and to identify opportunities that will trigger federated infrastructures to service the new reality of data-driven science.

These infrastructures are typically referred to as science clouds or platforms, or research commons, and can be defined at a high level as forming a global trusted ecosystem that provides seamless access to high-quality interoperable research outputs and services. Science clouds and commons are developing around the world to address the need for infrastructures to support cross-geographical and cross-disciplinary open science.

Both CODATA and RDA have major initiatives to work with the development of such open research infrastructures: CODATA’s Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) and RDA’s Global Open Research Commons (GORC), developed in collaboration with the WDS. These came out of a series of meetings held at International Data Week, RDA Plenaries, CODATA Conferences, and the FAIR Convergence Symposium; and ultimately include all the Data Together organizations as partners. The GOSC and GORC initiatives aim to encourage cooperation, alignment, and interoperability among these infrastructures.

Teams from both initiatives will communicate regularly and ensure shared membership to minimize divergence and duplication. The activities will be complementary: where possible, GOSC will seek to implement recommendations from the GORC IG/WG and, in turn, will feed findings from its work on alignment and interoperability and its case studies into shared discussions. While the GORC initiative focuses on a roadmap for commons integration, the GOSC is creating a cooperation mechanism and testbed implementations for science clouds that arise from that roadmap. Developing and sustaining collaboration between GORC and GOSC, through the Data Together partnership will enhance the impact of each initiative and result in sustainable benefits for the wider research community. In addition, members of the Data Together group are working with the various platforms to convene a roundtable of senior representatives from the organizations to facilitate these efforts.