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Data Together COVID-19 Appeal and Actions

Data Together COVID-19 Appeal and Actions

The World Data System of the International Science Council (ISC) together with ISC's Committee on Data, GO FAIR, and the Research Data Alliance (RDA)—the four major international data organizations—are pleased to outline their joint commitment to work together to optimize the global research data ecosystem and to identify the opportunities and needs that will trigger federated infrastructures to service the new reality of data-driven science.

A first concrete example of this is the following 'Data Together COVID-19 Appeal and Actions

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a major test for our science system and for our research and data infrastructures. These infrastructures, such as open science clouds and data commons, must serve the needs of science, policy, and humanity not only in ‘normal times’, but also in times of crisis by providing controlled access to quality data in real time and at scale for a range of scientific- and policy-related responses.

The Data Together organizations are jointly working on the following activities and invite all to contribute:

Read the full statement on Data Together COVID-19 Appeal and Actions.