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Communiqué of the Second Polar Data Forum

Communiqué of the Second Polar Data Forum

In October 2015, more than 110 people gathered at the Second Polar Data Forum (PDF II) co-organized by WDS at the University of Waterloo, Canada, to address the technical, social, policy, and economic challenges around polar data management. Data managers, scientists, funding programme managers, indigenous people and their representatives, students, and others from eighteen nations shared their knowledge, experience, and ideas on how to make polar data more useful and valuable in solving global problems.

In 2013, at the First Polar Data Forum (PDF I) in Tokyo, Japan, the community identified issues and made observations and recommendations on polar data management. PDF I focused on improving how people and systems can share data in a meaningful way. The goal was to move towards open and connected systems based on a culture of trust and acknowledgement of data production and use.

PDF II highlighted the significant progress in polar data management made since PDF I and also identified priorities as we move forward. The community reconfirmed the themes of PDF I, identified key new themes that have evolved, and planned a set of action-oriented recommendations and activities.

The Communiqué is available on the Polar Data Forum II website and can be downloaded here (PDF).