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International Data Week 2022

International Data Week 2022

IDW, comprised of the 19th RDA Plenary and SciDataCon 2022, will be a hybrid event this year to be held virtually and in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from 20-23 June 2022.

High-level themes of IDW 2022 and SciDataCon include:

  • Data to Improve our World: The role of data to address global challenges
  • The State of Open Science Globally
  • Research Transparency, Accountability, and Reproducibility
  • Data, Research and Industry: The Interface between Data-intensive Research and Innovation
  • Science and Society: Engagement and participation
  • Empowering and Enabling Society: Data Science and Stewardship Education and Data Literacy


Upcoming critical dates for IDW include:

  • 14 February 2022: Deadline for session proposals
  • 1 March 2022: Release call for presentations and posters
  • 31 March 2022: Deadline for presentations and posters