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Inaugural WDS-ITO Data Prize - UPDATED

Inaugural WDS-ITO Data Prize - UPDATED

Update Inaugural WDS-ITO Data Prize , see

How do you facilitate the movement of data between repositories and analytics engines? If you’re a researcher, student, developer, data manager, or just enthusiastic about data science, we want to hear from you! The World Data System is offering 2 cash prizes of CAD$1,000 to individuals or teams that document the innovative use, analysis, or visualization of WDS member data in a Virtual Research Environment. 

We’re looking for submissions that add value to the scientific community. Maybe your work contributes to a known research issue or societal ill. We want to see innovation in approach and style, while creating a user-friendly, readable, and reusable solution. More than anything, we are excited to see how the research data management community analyzes data to tell a rich story with Regular and Network WDS Member data. 

Submissions are due to Soulaine Theocharides ( by December 1st, 2021. The submission form, as well as additional information about the contest, is available here