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21st Meeting of the WDS Scientific Committee

21st Meeting of the WDS Scientific Committee

The 21st Meeting of the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) took place on 04–05 November in Paris, France. We are very grateful to our parent organization, the International Science Council (ISC), for kindly hosting the WDS-SC during its second biannual meeting of 2019.

The 21st Meeting began with an update on the latest developments in ISC by Dr Heide Hackmann, ISC Chief Executive Officer and WDS-SC ex officio member; in particular, Dr Hackmann focussed on the recently released ISC Action Plan 2019–2021 and WDS' contribution towards the specific projects therein. We thank Dr Hackmann for this update and for joining us at the 21st WDS-SC Meeting.

21st WDS-SC Meeting

The 21st Meeting continued with a rich, varied, and (very) full agenda consisting of strategic planning, report backs from WDS endeavours, practical issues, and future events, including WDS efforts in the area of training and maturity building. All these items had an emphasis on ensuring data are a global public good—and recognized as such—and that WDS can maximize its impact in helping to realize the ISC Action Plan.

This year (2019) marks the 10-year anniversary of the World Data System, and we look forward to WDS continuing to grow and develop as we move into our second decade.