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20th Meeting of the WDS Scientific Committee

20th Meeting of the WDS Scientific Committee

The 20th Meeting of the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) took place on 09–10 May in Beijing, China. We sincerely thank the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences for hosting this meeting.

A major highlight of the 20th Meeting was the welcoming of a delegation from the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and its Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT). In particular, the WDS-SC was joined by WFEO President-elect, Prof Ke Gong, and WFEO-CEIT Chair, Dr Jing Peng, for a highly valuable discussion on how WFEO(-CEIT) and WDS might best collaborate in the future towards the achievement of their mutual goals.


Beyond this, the 20th Meeting Agenda, as always, was a combination of report backs and strategic planning, with a particular focus on how WDS might maximize its participation in the projects listed in the International Science Council's (ISC's) Draft Science Action Plan. We are grateful to Mathieu Denis, ISC Science Director, for joining the WDS-SC remotely for part of the discussions on the ISC Plan.