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CrossRef and DataCite Announce Initiative to Accelerate Adoption of DOIs for Data Publication and Citation

DataCite (WDS Partner Member) and CrossRef have announced that they will work together to ensure that researchers can seamlessly navigate among all research results, including articles and data, and to make data a first class, identifiable, referenceable, and citable element in the scholarly record. In particular, the two organizations have agreed to:

  • Enhance the interoperability of their systems to make it easier for publishers, data centres, libraries, and third parties to integrate with the scholarly DOI ecosystem.
  • Provide comprehensive support for interlinking between articles and data.
  • Develop open-source tools and Application Programming Interfaceto reveal citations and relationships between publications and datasets. 
  • Integrate into their services other scholarly communications initiatives such as Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifiers and FundRef.
  • Develop systems, workflows, and best practices for using DOIs to reference large, highly granular, and dynamic data.