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A New Research Data Journal in the Netherlands

Ingrid DilloA Blog post by Ingrid Dillo (WDS-SC Vice-chair)

I would like to introduce a new initiative of DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) in the Netherlands. During the International Open Access Week last month, DANS launched, together with the Dutch publisher Brill, a new Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Research Data Journal is a digital-only, open access journal, which documents deposited datasets through the publication of data papers. The journal concentrates on the Social Sciences and the Humanities, covering history, archaeology, language and literature in particular.

Data papers are scholarly publications of medium length containing a non-technical description of a dataset and putting the data in a research context. Each paper gets a persistent identifier providing publication credits to the author.

Data papers call attention to particular research datasets, which may increase the likelihood that the datasets could be re-used or re-purposed by other researchers in the future. Additional benefits are that they are peer-reviewed, can be listed on CVs, and can accumulate citations just like traditional journal articles. This way they provide important incentives for researchers to put time and effort into preparing their datasets for public access.

The DANS Research Data Journal is an enhanced publication in more than one respect. The text is enhanced with direct links to datasets in the long-term repository. Additionally, the journal is enriched with features that contribute to greater usability of the content in terms of overview and navigation by adding background information and various forms of visualization. Where possible, data can be previewed and explored online, rather than through time-consuming downloads and offline applications. In short, an enhanced data paper provides an integrated view of data in their research context.

At DANS we hope that this initiative will stimulate researchers in the Netherlands and abroad to make their data more easily available to others.

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