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Workshop: Establishing Norms of Data Ethics in Citizen Sciences

The National Science Foundation is currently funding the 'Establishing Norms of Data Ethics in Citizen Sciences' project, in which a toolkit is being co-created to support trustworthy data practices in citizen science. Following the completion of a series of focus group sessions across data ethic topics, the next step is to host a series of resource workshops to develop the data practice resources suggested in the sessions.

The WDS community is invited to join a small group call/working session to discuss the best approaches and content for a decision support tool related to data access. The tool is intended to help project owners/managers identify the contexts in which it may be appropriate and desirable to make data open and the options for doing so. More details will be provided closer to the call.

If you have experience in open data practices concerning data management, data sharing, data licensing, and so on, and are interested in contributing, then please contact Elizabeth Jones (elizabeth_jones[at]ncsu[dot]edu).