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Webinar & Workshop: Data Description with DDI - Cross Domain Integration

Webinar & Workshop: Data Description with DDI - Cross Domain Integration

The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Alliance has recently announced the public review of its new specification, DDI - Cross Domain Integration (DDI-CDI). A series of general introductory webinars have been held to introduce potential reviewers to the specification (slides and recordings here). To follow up on this, a second series of virtual events has been launched: 1) for specific audiences, and 2) about specific topics.

ISC's Committee on Data (CODATA; WDS Associate Member) invites the WDS community to join an event focussing on data description with DDI-CDI, which will be held on 12 August at 14:00 UTC; and a follow-up workshop, which will be held with more detailed discussion on 19 August at 14:00 UTC. Attendees are asked to register using the following links:

The webinar on data description focusses on:

  • Understanding the meaning of data.
  • Cross-domain exchange.
  • Harmonization, including the same measurement represented in different data structures and different measurements are being compared.
  • Transformation across structures and platforms.

Event Preparation

At the event, data description using DDI-CDI will be introduced, followed by a structured discussion between the audience and people from the DDI-CDI team, with the event lasting for an hour. To prepare for the event, please take a look at the draft presentation.

You are also asked to kindly think about the following questions in advance:

  • Are there data structures that you commonly use that we don’t seem to have covered?
    • What are they?
    • Do you see potential in DDI-CDI for needs that you currently haven’t met?
  • What have we missed?

Please visit the Webinar website for more details.