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Science International Launches Campaign for 'Open Data in a Big Data World'

Four of the major international science organizations—ICSU, ISSC, IAP, and TWAS*—have come together to develop and support an Accord on 'Open Data in a Big Data World'. CODATA and WDS played a role in the creation of the Accord, which includes a set of guiding principles on open access to Big Data that necessarily protects the scientific process and ensures that developing countries can participate more fully in the global research enterprise. Over the next 12 months, the campaign will look to collect endorsements for the Accord from other science, education, and policy bodies, with final results anticipated in third quarter 2016.

An overview of the key issues in Open Data in a Big Data World can be accessed here, while a press release from Science International on the Accord can be found here.

* International Council for Science, International Social Science Council, InterAcademy Partnership, and The World Academy of Sciences.