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PANGAEA Launches New Website and Functionalities

PANGAEA Launches New Website and Functionalities

After more than 20 years of operation, PANGAEAWDS Regular Member since 2011has renewed its website ( with new functionalities.

Although many users liked the minimalistic Google-like interface, it was decided to adopt more sophisticated techniques enabling better interactions with users.

In particular, navigation into the data archive is improved. Different topics, geographical areas, or keywords can be selected as entry points. Narrowing search results—so-called drill downs—are supported through a number of facets. These functionalities required proper classification and additional annotation of metadata, which was a major accomplishment considering the long history and multidisciplinary data holdings of PANGAEA. There is still a lot to do and together with its partners, PANGAEA is working on improving ontologies and vocabularies.

PANGAEA now supports login with ones ORCID ID and links this ID to a user's profile. This enables data publications to be automatically assigned to the author's record when using ORCID.

Finally, the new website is mobile friendly and works easily on smartphones or tablets.

We invite you to archive and publish your latest data with PANGAEA—the Open Access Data Publisher.

Your feedback on the new search and other functionalities will be greatly appreciated. Contact us here.

With best wishes,
Michael Diepenbroek on behalf of the PANGAEA Team

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