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ISRIC: Release of New SoilGrids 250m Product

ISRIC: Release of New SoilGrids 250m Product

ISRIC – World Soil Information (WDS Regular Member) has been finalizing a new set of soil property maps for the world (SoilGrids250m), incorporating comments from many experts and organizations since the sneak preview on World Soil Day 2019. Numerous improvements were implemented since publication of the '2017 version', making this a completely new product. The GIS layers can be accessed using various services.  A new webtool with visualization, querying, and download facilities for enhanced user experience has been released.


Major improvements to SoilGrids include: a) direct coupling with quality-assessed and standardized soil profile (point) data provided by the ISRIC World Soil Information Service (WoSIS), b) an improved selection of covariate layers using Recursive Feature Elimination, c) quantification of uncertainties in the soil predictions, using prediction intervals, through implementation of Quantile Regression Forests, d) adoption of an improved and more realistic cross-validation procedure, and e) use of the Homolosine projection, a modern map projection that minimizes angular and distance distortions simultaneously. 

For more information on the new SoilGrids250m, please see ISRIC’s website.