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Focus on FAIR: DANS 2021–2025

Focus on FAIR: DANS 2021–2025

What does the Dutch data landscape need to be successful? How can DANS contribute to this success? 

These two questions were the starting point for DANS' (WDS Regular Member) new five-year programme 'Focus on FAIR: DANS 2021–2025'. Its new mission is unambiguous: to enhance the reusability of research data and thus the quality of scientific research. The use of FAIR data improves the verifiability and reproducibility of research. It also enhances efficiency because building datasets is expensive. What is more, linking data can lead to new discoveries and insights. Reusing and connecting data accelerates knowledge circulation and increases our ability to solve complex issues. In short, making better use of data leads to better science, which matters to society.

Three Programme Pillars 

What does the Dutch data landscape need to be successful? How can DANS make its most effective contribution? The answer is brought in by three ways: as a versatile data repository, as a centre of expertise for FAIR data, and as a partner.

  • Centre of expertise for FAIR research data: DANS will expand and renew its range of expert services.
  • Versatile data repository: DANS is going to radically overhaul its data services offering.
  • Active collaborator: DANS is going to invest more in collaboration and coordination.

You can find more details about DANS' programme on their website or in PDF format.