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Final Report Published on 'Search Relevance Recommendations for Earth Science Data'

The NASA Earth Science Data and Information System Project (NASA ESDIS; WDS Network Member) has announced that the NASA Earth Science Data System Working Group (ESDSWG) on Search Relevancy and User Characterization has recently published its final report (a Technical Note) on 'Search Relevance Recommendations for Earth Science Data'.

This report is the culmination of four years of work and leadership by the ESDSWG members, and provides significant and substantial contributions to improving the discovery, search, and access of Earth Science data products served via NASA science data systems. It also has wider applications to any search or discovery service for Earth Science data.

The report underwent an extensive review process under the auspices of the NASA ESDIS Standards Office and can be found here: 

Questions on this report can be directed to lewis.j.mcgibbney[at] or edward.m.armstrong[at]