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FAIRsFAIR: Open Call for Policy Enhancement Support

FAIRsFAIR: Open Call for Policy Enhancement Support

Would you like advice on how you can better align your policy with the FAIR Principles?

FAIRsFAIR has prepared a series of recommendations for policy enhancement to support the realization of a FAIR ecosystem. The project now invites expressions of interest (EoIs) from policymakers at all levels to work with FAIRsFAIR in order to assess their current policies against these recommendations, and to consider how the policies might be adapted to better support the emergence of a FAIR ecosystem.

FAIRsFAIR is keen to work with policymakers in various settings (national, funding body, publisher, organizational, research infrastructure, and repository) at different levels of policy development and implementation.

Please complete the very short form to register your interest. The deadline is 31 January 2021.

FAIRsFAIR aims to work with up to 25 policymakers over the course of 2021, and will select to ensure representation reflecting the various stakeholders, stages of development, and geographic coverage.

Any questions can be addressed to: opencall[at]fairsfair[dot]eu