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Data Steward Position at Ocean Networks Canada

Data Steward Position at Ocean Networks Canada

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC; WDS Regular Member) is hiring for a two-year position as a Data Steward at the University of Victoria, starting on 3 December 2019.

This position is primarily responsible for acquiring, verifying, and maintaining metadata and data for ONC. Properly curated data is critical for scientific and non-scientific users to understand, interpret, and analyze information collected via the instruments with the ONC-operated network. ONC’s principal mission to maintain long-time series datasets cannot be achieved without robust and accurate metadata. Secondary duties of the Data Steward include field and at-sea support during infrastructure maintenance operations, which occur multiple times a year for up to four weeks' duration, as well as day and multiday trips.

Further details on the position and instructions for applying can be found on the University of Victoria website:

Note: The deadline for applications will close on 21 November 2019.