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Change of Format and Dates: International FAIR Convergence Symposium

International FAIR Convergence Symposium convened by CODATA and GO FAIR: change of format and dates

The International FAIR Convergence Symposium will now take place as a fully virtual event from 30 November to 4 December. Please save the dates! To facilitate the new approach, and in response to a number of enquiries, the deadline has been extended for submissions of session proposals to 30 September and of posters and lightning talks to 31 October.


The International FAIR Convergence Symposium will be convened by the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA; WDS Associate Member) and GO FAIR. It will provide a forum for advancing international and cross-domain convergence around FAIR. The event will bring together a global data community with an interest in combining data across domains for a host of research issues – including major global challenges, such as those relating to the Sustainable Development Goals or the COVID-19 pandemic. Outcomes will directly link to the CODATA Decadal Programme ‘Data for the Planet: making data work for cross-domain grand challenges’ and to the bottom-up developments of the GO FAIR community towards the Internet of FAIR data and services.

Participation is open to all researchers and data experts, particularly those with an interest in participating in the CODATA Decadal Programme and in the GO FAIR Community. There will be a mechanism for participants to organize workshop sessions: for example, GO FAIR Implementation Networks, CODATA Target Groups, and other groups are encouraged to participate and to organize sessions.

For more information about the event, please visit the Symposium website.