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New Journal & Call for Paper: Patterns From Cell Press

New Journal & Call for Paper: Patterns From Cell Press

We are happy to announce that a new journal Patterns from Cell Press will be launching soon. 

Patterns is a premium open access journal from Cell Press, publishing ground-breaking original research across the full breadth of data science. Data are the foundation of all research, and all data are in scope, regardless of original domain.

Patterns brings together research from across domains in academia and industry to:

  • Share knowledge about how to best develop and run data science infrastructures, tools, and services.
  • Communicate solutions and best practices for data science algorithms and methodologies.
  • Discuss the human and environmental impact of decisions made using data science.
  • Develop new cross-disciplinary methods for efficient data analysis, processing, archiving, and use.

Patterns publishes original research in data science, particularly focussing on solutions to the cross-disciplinary problems that all researchers face when dealing with data, and articles about datasets, software code, algorithms, infrastructures, and so on, with permanent links to these research outputs. Patterns also promotes cross-community conversation by publishing opinion pieces and review articles.

To learn more, visit here. If you have a question for its editorial team, please contact them at patterns ['at'] cell ['dot'] com.