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ASTER Data Made Freely Available by LP DAAC

On 1 April 2016, NASA's Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC; WDS Regular Member) began distributing ASTER Level 1 Precision Terrain Corrected Registered At-Sensor Radiance (AST_L1T) data products over the entire globe at no charge. Greater than 2.95 million scenes of archived ASTER data are now available for direct download through the LP DAAC Data Pool and for search and download through NASA's Earthdata Search Client and USGS' GloVis. New scenes will be added as they are acquired and archived.

The AST_L1T product provides a quick turn-around of consistent GIS-ready data as a multifile product, including: a Hierarchical Data Format – Earth Observing System datafile, full-resolution composite GeoTIFFs, and associated metadata files. In addition, each AST_L1T granule contains related products such as a low-resolution browse and when applicable, a Quality Assurance browse and text report.

Learn more about ASTER data and the change in policy here.