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WDS Members' Forum 2020

Update (22/09/2020): The Forum Agenda with connection instructions is here. The list of WDS Member lightning talks is here (password protected; please contact the WDS-IPO). 


An interim, online version of the biennial WDS Members’ Forum (also known as ‘Data Repositories Day’) will be held during the 'Global Collaboration on Data Beyond Disciplines' international symposium. The face-to-face meeting has been postponed until 2021 such that it aligns with International Data Week.

This virtual event is open to both WDS Members and general participants having an interest in the endeavours of WDS—those from outside of the WDS family will be very much welcomed. Since this meeting incorporates the biennial WDS business meeting, Representatives of WDS Member Organizations—in particular, those of WDS Regular and Network Members—are expected to participate.

Draft Agenda

The Forum will consist of two sessions:

  1. A Scientific Session primarily focussed on hearing from WDS Members. This will be organized by theme, where selected pre-recorded talks will be shown and panelists of the presenters will address the major issues coming out of their talks. Themes will be determined based on a review of the presentations, but examples may include Technology, Sustainability, Use of The Cloud, and so on.
    Breakouts by theme may be also organized at the end of session. WDS will facilitate these discussions, but will mostly be in listening mode, so as to hear from the membership and identify ways for WDS to be of support.
  2. A Plenary Session in which four topics will be discussed with the community. WDS will present its activities related to technology and the new Data Together initiative (joint with CODATA, RDA, and GO FAIR). It will also propose a new mentoring programme for candidate repositories. Finally, time will be allocated to a discussion of the growing role in the global data ecosystem of generalist repositories.


For Presenters

If you experience any difficulties in pre-recording your lightning talk for technology reasons, please contact the (WDS-IPO) for assistance.

  1. The deadline is Friday, 11 September for submitting your pre-recorded lightning talk. Please share your pre-recorded video with the WDS-IPO using a file sharing service (e.g., Dropbox), do not send them by email to the WDS-IPO. If required, the WDS-IPO can open a folder for you in its Google Drive for you to upload the file.
  2. Lightning talks should be up to a maximum of three minutes in length and, should include no more than three slides. A general idea of the what is being looked for in terms of the overall style of the lightning talks may be found here:
  3. Presentations must not simply be promotional, your lightning talk should cover some/all of the following topics:
    1. Your organization’s vision or main priorities for the next five years, preferably including a technology roadmap.
    2. The opportunities and challenges that you foresee in realizing this vision or these priorities.
    3. Aspects of your work that are causing you major problems: What is keeping you awake at night?
    4. Suggestions for how WDS might be able to assist you/your organization in reaching your goals or dealing with issues. Are there any specific collaborators you are looking for within the WDS community?
  4. Although slides may be used, the person presenting should be visible throughout the presentation. The Forum is about networking and we want attendees to be familiar with the people they can connect with in WDS Member Organizations. PowerPoint has this functionality, or a potential alternative method is to record a solo session on a web conference application (e.g., Zoom or GoToMeeting) and share both your screen and camera. Even a free version will allow you to do this.
  5. Please be sure to include information for how people can contact you. The expectation is for presenters to be in attendance to interact with people who may be interested in you and your organization. However, the lightning talks will ultimately be displayed on the WDS YouTube Channel as a permanent resource (subject to permission).
  6. Pre-recorded Lightning Talks should be in one of the following YouTube-supported formats:
    • .MOV
    • .MPEG4
    • .MP4
    • .AVI
    • .WMV
    • .MPEGPS
    • .FLV
    • 3GPP
    • WebM
    • DNxHR
    • ProRes
    • CineForm
    • HEVC (h265)

For Participants

  1. The link to join the Members’ Forum will be shared only with registered participants. If other colleagues within your organization/networks wish to attend the Forum. Please ask them to register before 31 August, or to contact the WDS-IPO after this date.
  2. The expectation is for WDS Member Representatives attending the Forum to have watched as many as possible of the pre-recorded lightning talks in advance of the Forum, and at least a minimum of five.
When 09:00 PM, 23 Sep 2020–12:00 AM, 24 Sep 2020
Where Online
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