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WDS Events

ORCID–WDS Strategic Workshop: Adoption of PIDs in Asia–Oceania


This jointly hosted session by ORCID (WDS Associate Member) and WDS will be held on 24 September (05:00–08:00 UTC/14:00–17:00 JST) during the ' Global Collaboration on Data Beyond Disciplines ' international symposium. It will introduce to the Asia–Oceania community Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) from both global and national perspectives, and their importance as a part of global open research ...

Second Polar to Global Online and Data Sharing Workshop/Hackathon


Participation to this workshop is limited and registration is required using the form found here . Connection information will be provided to registered participants closer to the event time. The first Polar to Global Online Interoperability and Data Sharing Workshop/Hackathon was held on 30 June.  This online workshop was the kickoff in a planned bi-monthly series of online workshops ...

WDS Members' Forum 2020


Update (20/08/2020): More information on the Forum Agenda has been added below and instructions for presenters and participants added.  An interim, online version of the biennial WDS Members’ Forum (also known as ‘Data Repositories Day’) will be held during the ' Global Collaboration on Data Beyond Disciplines ' international symposium. The face-to-face ...

International Symposium: Global Collaboration on Data Beyond Disciplines (+ WDS-IPO 10th Anniversary)


This online symposium  will commemorate ten years of the World Data System – International Programme Office (WDS-IPO) by the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). A short event to mark the WDS-IPO's 10th Anniversary will take place at the start of the symposium on 23 September 2020. The symposium is organized by the Joint Support-Center ...

TRUST Principles Mini Symposium


Research Data Canada (RDC), the Research Data Alliance (RDA; WDS Associate Member), the World Data System of the International Science Council, and the TRUST Principles authors are pleased to present a virtual Mini Symposium that will provide an introduction to the Principles for a global audience, along with an overview of key concepts and implementations from a variety of stakeholder ...