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Publishing Data

  • Co-chairs: Todd Carpenter (USA, NISO), Michael Diepenbroek (Germany, PANGAEA and WDS), Eefke Smit (The Netherlands, STM), Jonathan Tedds (UK, University of Leicester)               
  • Case Statement: available here
  • Group Forum: available here.

Data Publication

In late 2012, a first WDS Working Group on Data Publication was started, which was subsequently endorsed in 2013 by the Research Data Alliance (RDA) as an RDA–WDS Interest Group (IG) on Publishing Data

The Publishing Data Interest Group is focused on all issues related to the data publication concept. It brings together all stakeholders involved in data publication activities such as data repositories, science publishers, and service providers. Every effort will be made to get a good representation from the major international programmes, their working groups and other private or institutional activities involved in this area. The Publishing Data Interest Group will build on existing resources, reports and other shared experiences from the different stakeholders and will nurture more specific and targeted working groups addressing practical aspects of the data publication concept. The Publishing Data Interest Group can be regarded as a broad and inclusive forum for interested individuals engaged in testing, validating and promoting the findings of the Working Groups.

The main objectives of the Publishing Data Interest Group are to promote and establish the data publication concept among scientists, data repositories, science publishers, and bibliometric service providers by addressing the issues of workflows for publishing data and establishing corresponding services as part of scholarly publishing.

The full Case Statement of the Publishing Data Interest Group can be downloaded here.

Affiliated Working Groups

Two Working Groups are currently operating under the umbrella of Publishing Data Interest Group:

Past Working Groups

Four working groups have completed their mandate and their outputs can be found here: