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WDS Events

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ORCID–WDS Strategic Workshop: Adoption of PIDs in Asia–Oceania


This jointly hosted session by ORCID (WDS Associate Member) and WDS will be held on 24 September (05:00–08:00 UTC/14:00–17:00 JST) during the ' Global Collaboration on Data Beyond Disciplines ' international symposium. It will introduce to the Asia–Oceania community Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) from both global and national perspectives, and their importance as a part of global open research ...

Second Polar to Global Online and Data Sharing Workshop/Hackathon


Participation to this workshop is limited and registration is required using the form found here . Connection information will be provided to registered participants closer to the event time. The first Polar to Global Online Interoperability and Data Sharing Workshop/Hackathon was held on 30 June.  This online workshop was the kickoff in a planned bi-monthly series of online workshops ...

WDS Members' Events

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CODATA Virtual General Assembly


The ISC Committee on Data  (CODATA; WDS Associate Member) will convene a Virtual General Assembly on 25 June 2020 at 11:00–13:00 UTC. Rorie Edmunds (Acting Executive Director) will represent the World Data System at the Virtual General Assembly.

Webinar: Data Description with the DDI - Cross Domain Integration


This Webinar will be held on  12 August at 14:00 UTC. It will focus on data description with the Data Documentation Initiative - Cross Domain Integration (DDI-CDI). A  follow-up Workshop will be held with more detailed discussion on 19 August at 14:00 UTC.  See more details here .

WDS-related Events

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Webinar – Unpacking Hazards: Launch of a New Scientific Report on Hazards Definition for the Sendai Framework


On 29 July, the International Science Council , the  United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction , and the  Public Health England  invited the WDS Community to join the webinar Unpacking Hazards: Launch of a New Scientific Report on Hazards Definition for the Sendai Framework. The webinar was a high-level launch event for a related technical report with talks from SRSG Mami Mizutori ( ...

WMO Data Conference: Earth System Data Exchange in the 21st Century

Geneva, Switzerland

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will hold a Data Conference on 16–18 November 2020 at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Data Conference is intended to provide a venue for involving a broad group of stakeholders in reviewing the WMO requirements and arrangements for data exchange. Please see here for more information.

Important Deadlines

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Job Opportunity: Executive Director WDS-IPO

Tokyo, Japan

Vacancy (Re-advertisement) Executive Director of the ICSU World Data System (WDS) The position of Executive Director of the  WDS International Programme Office  is open for applications until 29 July 2018. The Executive Director will lead the WDS-IPO hosted by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Tokyo, Japan with core funding provided by NICT. The ...

Job Opportunity: Associate Director WDS-ITO

Victoria, Canda

The position of Associate Director of the WDS International Technology Office (WDS-ITO) is open for applications until 13 May 2018. The position is for a 3-year term and based at  Ocean Network's Canada  (WDS Regular Member) hosted at the University of Victoria, Canada. Applications should be made on the HR Portal of the  University of Victoria   More information on the WDS-IPO can be ...