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7–8 May 2019 – WDS Asia–Oceania Conference 2019

7–8 May 2019 – WDS Asia–Oceania Conference 2019

Alice Frémand, Co-chair of the WDS ECR Network, travelled to Beijing, China, to lead the efforts to build and expand the WDS ECR community in the Asia–Oceania region at this year’s WDS Asia–Oceania Conference. Alice introduced the Network and shared the various activities that the WDS has developed to support ECRs. She got to liaise with enthusiastic students and young scientists involved in data-oriented activities and data management. 

Alice also had the honor to present Dr. Linhuan Wu, Principal Data Scientist at the WFCC World Data Centre for Microorganisms, her 2017 WDS Stewardship award. This was followed by an excellent presentation by Dr. Wu on her work on the Global Catalogue of Microorganisms.

We look forward to continued engagement with the Asia-Oceania ECR community and thank you all for making this conference a success for our Network!

Congratulations Dr. Linhuan Wu for your fantastic work on data management!!