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WDS-SC Meeting #22: Sabrina was Our Representative

WDS-SC Meeting #22: Sabrina was Our Representative

During the 22nd WDS Scientific Committee Meeting, Sabrina Delgado-Arias presented the highlights of the network to the members of the Committee.This has been a busy period for the Network and we are looking forward to develop more activities targeting ECR's interest.

Highlights include the following:

  • Sabrina reported on the WDS-ECR Network progress and participated in the 21st Meeting of WDS Scientific Committee. Paris, France, November 2019.
  • Alice participated in the WDS/EGU training workshop promoting data management to ECR. She presented an induction course on Research Data Management and the WDS-ECR Network.
  • Alice and Sabrina met with Rorie, face-to-face during the Polar Data Forum to discuss the future of the network, November 2019.
  • Sabrina promoted the network at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California. 2019.
  • Alice and Rorie together with members of the WDS-SC prepared an abstract for a PICO session for EGU2020. It has been accepted, but the number of abstracts received for the session did not meet the minimum requirements.
  • Alice is co-convener of an EGU short course on data management "SC2.2 - Handling your data efficiently from planning to reuse – tips and tools to save time and nerves". The course has been selected as one of the seven (over 90) Short Courses that will be featured throughout the first week of May. It will be promoted by EGU as part of its official offer during the week and uploaded onto the EGU’s YouTube Channel. 
  • Sabrina developed and submitted an abstract for the 2nd LAC Scientific Data Management workshop. Abstract was accepted as part of a joint WDS+RDA panel, but presentation and workshop postponed due to ongoing pandemic.
  • Developed table identifying Early Career Network Goals for WDS, CODATA, RDA and GO FAIR. Sabrina and Alice are using this table to guide restructuring of the network website and charter.
  • Agneta Ghose posted a blog post on her experience about the WDS/EGU training workshop.
  • Developed and distributed Quarterly Newsletter to WDS-ECR members.