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Publishing Data: Workflows

  • Co-chairs: Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen (Switzerland, CERN), Varsha Khodiyar  (UK, Nature Publishing Group), Fiona Murphy (UK, Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd), Amy Nurnberger (USA, Columbia University)
  • Outputs of the WG: available here
  • Case Statement: available here
  • Group Forum: available available here

©h_pampel/FlickrResearchers are increasingly encouraged or required to make their research data available for reuse but might often feel there are insufficient incentives for submitting and publishing data, resulting in low submission rates. Moreover, even when research data are preserved and submitted, it often happens with a bare minimum of metadata which inhibits reuse.

Why is this? There are established and/or emerging workflows for selected disciplines that enable the publishing of data and some provide credit via citation mechanisms. But in most disciplines researchers are simply not aware of such workflows and they may not be applicable without significant modification. Having information about workflows is therefore crucial for researchers—and the people/stakeholders supporting them—to understand the options available to practice open science. Workflows that enable persistence, quality control and access are all crucial to enhance the possibilities for greater discoverability as well as efficient and reliable reuse of research data.

The objectives of this Working Group are to provide an analysis of a representative range of existing and emerging workflows and standards for data publishing, including deposit and citation, and provide reference models and implementations for application in new workflows.

Outputs of the WG are available here.