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In summary, the Publishing Data Services Working Group is delivering (i) a recommendation for a long­term approach to sharing information about the links between the literature and research data, and (ii) a prototype implementation of a data­literature interlinking system that is expected to develop into a key element of the proposed long­term model. In order to drive the agenda forward and realize the proposed long­term interlinking framework, the following steps are proposed: 1. Establish common standards for data modeling and exchange. Thiswillleverage the work carried out by this WG to realize the DLI system, as well other efforts undertaken by groups and prospective hubs who have worked on data modelling aspects of data­-literature linking. 2. Implementation of common standards by prospective hubs (CrossRef, DataCite, OpenAIRE, and others). 3. Support adoption from stakeholder groups (publishers, data centers, institutional repositories, etc.). It’s recommended to this in collaboration with advocacy fora like Force11 or CODATA, as well as through publisher (e.g. STM) and data center peak bodies (e.g. ICSU-­WDS). 4. Capture and maintain documentation and best ­practices in a neutral, public place. 5. Investigate and propose an organizational structure to sustain the system, and investigate resourcing options. The WG recommends that these activities be coordinated through a new joint RDA / ICSU-­WDS Working Group that sits under the umbrella of the Publishing Data Interest Group. Its charter should focus on realizing the SCHOLIX model by coordinating technical work to realize the proposed interoperability framework and by fostering adoption and usage of the emerging system.